Why choose DAPA?

Our success stories
DAPA will be a new free school, but our team has extensive experience in providing alternative provision education. Here are examples of our students in alternative provision units currently within the Diverse Academies trust.

George (Y11, 2015-16)
George had a very difficult and chaotic home life. His mother found George’s temper becoming unmanageable and eventually left him to his own devices. He became mixed up with the wrong crowd outside of school and was involved in substance misuse. In school George had daily outbursts of temper, verbally threatening and challenging staff and peers. He was excluded from school in year 10 for continued disruptive behaviour and a refusal to co-operate.

George took some time to settle, however he responded really well to the nurturing yet academic environment. He engaged well with his classes but also with outside agencies who helped him manage his behaviour. 

George achieved GCSE level 2 qualifications in English, mathematics, science, health and social care and Cache. In September 2016 he was able to progress onto a level 3 Health and Social Care course at North Notts College.

David (Y11, 2015-16)
David had a difficult school life throughout both primary and secondary phases. He moved to a secondary school as a managed move, and initially settled well. However after a period of time David reverted back to displaying challenging and aggressive behaviours. 

David had a very dysfunctional home life and often truanted. When he attended, David often disrupted classes and refused to let others learn. He was excluded for physical assaults on students and for verbal assault on staff.

David attended an alternative provision unit, where they initially carried out some intensive one-to-one work regarding self-esteem and anger management. A multi-agency approach was continued and David settled really well to academic studies with small group tuition. His attendance increased dramatically along with his literacy levels. David subsequently achieved GCSE level 1 passes in English, mathematics, science and PE, with a level 2 pass in ECDL. 

David has been able to progress into an apprenticeship work placement at a local motorcycle mechanics shop. He was kept on after Y11.